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Peter McCue 1895- 1923

      Cold Deck
    Barney Owens  
      Nettie Overton
  Dan Tucker    
      Jack Traveler
    Butt Cutt  
      June Bug
Peter McCue      
  Nora M.(TB)    
      Star Davis
    Kitty Clyde  

Old records show Peter McCue as weighing 1430 lb., and 16 hands quite large for a QH, yet given his height and weight he was one of the fastest horses in his time. Raced in Mid-America around the turn of the century he was almost unbeatable until an accident as a 3 year old cut his racing career short. He was retired to stud.

He sired several famous sons:

  • Harmon Baker
  • Hickory Bill, who would sire Old Sorrell, one of the founding studs to the King Ranch.
  • John Wilkins, who would sire Joe Hancock
  • Jack McCue
  • A.D. Reed
  • Chief P-5
  • Badger
  • Sheik P-11
  • Buck Thomas
  • and the race mare Squaw.
  • Foundation sires that can be traced back to Peter McCue:

  • Kings Pistol
  • Wimpy P-1
  • Peppy
  • Midnight
  • Midnight Jr.
  • Grey Bager II
  • Nowata Star
  • Jesse James
  • Skipper W
  • King Fritz
  • Joe Hancock
  • Bert
  • Poco Bueno
  • Cowboy P-12
  • Nick S
  • Plaudit
  • Blackburn
  • All the following can be traced back to PeterMcCue:

    Two Eyed Jack
    Zan Parr Bar
    Blondys Dude
    Rugged Lark