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Joe Hancock 1923- 1943

Dan Tucker
Peter McCue
Nora M (TB)
John Wilkins
Wawekus (TB)
Katie Wawekus (TB)
Lucy Hitt (TB)
Joe Hancock
Ralph Wilson Horse
Hancock Mare
Mundell Mare

Halter and Performance Record:None. AQHA Hall Of Fame

Most verbal accounts make this horse 15.2 - 15.3. Dark Brown with a white blaze. Also, interestingly enough, they also make him part Percheron.

Quoted from Tom Hancock, grand-son of the breeder of Joe Hancock. {it was customary to name the horses after the breeder or farm in those days} "Two of Grand-daddy's neighbors were brothers, Ralph and Dave Wilson. Ralph owned a registered little boned percheron that stood about 14.3 hands and weighed about 1,100 lbs. He was Ralph Wilsons personal saddle horse.
Grandaddy Hancock bred five or six mares to the Percheron. Why did he do it? Well, the reasons are known only to him, and he never told anyone else what they were! Among the ones he bred to the Percheron was the Mundell mare. The following year she produced a brown filly who would become the mamma to Joe Hancock. No one ever called her other than the Hancock mare."
Joe Hancock was known for his speed, beating everything that came into his path. Later he would pass this on to his get.

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Wonder Lad ($337)

Joe Hancock was humanly destroyed July 29, 1943 after foundering from a wire cut to his front leg.