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thoughts from Cleve Wells

In the circles of pleasure horse owners, trainers, and riders, Cleve Wells is a name that is commonly heard and spoken, and with good reason. This past year Cleve rode two separate horses to World Championships, Radical Rodder in Sr. Western Pleasure and Zippo Can Do in Jr. Western Pleasure. Though it isn’t the first time an individual trainer has done this, it has been many years since the feat was last accomplished.

The World Championships for Radical Rodder and Zippo Can Do aren’t the only accomplishments under Cleve’s belt. Add to them fifteen other horses he has led to World Championships! But his talent doesn’t end there either…Cleve has been described by other trainers and horsemen as ‘a true thinker, way ahead of his time’ his ideas are innovative and creative. He has taken his skills as a trainer and rider and expanded to teaching not only other trainers who have worked with him but also through his seminars where he takes his training on the road. He hosts several clinics in which he teaches his program to others in person.  (The schedule is on his website)

This year Cleve and his training team went worldwide with his Internet  web site, www.CleveWells.com. He plans to include clinic information, training information and a question & answer section  for members and will also serve as an ordering place for his training videos. He will expose their procedures, share their insights and expand the pleasure horse industry's resources. It should be interesting and informative to watch the site progress.

“We started the web site in January and we are going to post twice a month. Basically we’ll go through our entire training program. We’ll go from January all the way through the show pen, what we are doing with our show horses, for one complete cycle of training of the young horses.

We’ll show not only the training but also the ups and downs, how they change, how our good ones start out and maybe they stumble in mid season and how our weaker ones come on strong halfway through the year. Or how maybe at the end of the year we didn’t come out with anything.

It will be about how we accept these things and how we work with the clients to gain their acceptance. Maybe an example for the young trainer out there who is having to struggle with some of these areas of the client trust in their judgment of time.

We’ll talk about when to shoe horses and what vet work we have done and what areas of pleasure horses break down structurally more often than others and what medications we use…how much riding time we put on them and when we put them in bridles and other things.

We are also going to have other trainers come in and tell what they are doing at the same time. Hopefully, it will add something different. I tell people that what we do is not the only way and it doesn’t have anything to do with what is right or wrong. It is what works for us. If they think it is a good idea then they should try it and see what works. Along with the other trainers that come in with us, it should help them build their program and help them know where they are at with their two-year-olds, if they are on target or not.

A lot of times if you are riding horses every day, your progress is so slow that you feel like you are not getting anywhere. Someone who comes in and maybe watches you once or twice a month, they can see a lot of change in the horse- change that you can’t see.

So keeping that person mentally strong, to where they don’t become too aggressive will be a big part of our program. Just trust us, and stay solid…stay with the program and if your horse is with our horse, we are okay, and you are okay.

Sometimes we do miss, we are wrong, we make mistakes, we miss and we back up and start over. These are things we want to let people know because I don’t think they believe that. I think they think I take out a horse and just make it work and that is not true.

We are going to take questions each month. We will try to answer as many questions as we can. We will try to put some together to where we can try to get a general answer. We will try to address the common problems. Between our web site and being able to get a question in and with the videos out and the seminars, there is a team right there. You have three places you can go for help. And if it saves you even once, from doing the wrong thing, then it is paid for.

We will keep building on things like that. We are planning to come out with a lot of exciting things; we are going to make it fun. Not only for the people who have show horses, but also for the people who have the dream of having show horses. We are going to create some ways that people can participate…people who never thought they could play in the horse business.

There is a life outside this barn, there are people out there that don’t know what is going on in here and they don’t think they can play the game. Through the web site I’m going to show them how they can come in here and be part of the game. It’s going to be great.

Check out www.CleveWells.com !

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