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FEI General Assembly – Reining’s Olympic Dream Is Alive and Well
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When will Reining be in the Olympics? We have all heard the question. As the only Western discipline approved for Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) competition, Reining is on the threshold of Olympic inclusion. While the threshold won’t easily be traversed, Reining received a substantial and very encouraging boost when the FEI, during its 2005 FEI General Assembly, April 5 through 10, in London, England, proposed recommending to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) the addition of a fourth equestrian discipline for future Olympic competitions. In the framework of the discussions, the General Assembly agreed that the FEI would make every effort to include a fourth equestrian discipline within the Olympic Program.


Which disciplines are in the running? “It is notorious that both Endurance and Reining have Olympic aspirations… both would help eliminate the universality concerns,” stated the Secretary General when asked about the front runners.

According to an FEI press release about the proposal, The position of equestrian sport should therefore be further strengthened. The affordability of equestrian sports for Olympic Games Organising Committees must be ensured through strict control of costs and venue’s size supervised by the FEI. The current Olympic equestrian program will be reviewed so that it remains dynamic, allows for better TV coverage and reflects the real status of all equestrian disciplines.

What Lies Ahead

When asked to outline the process, the Secretary General said “It will be a long term process that is certainly open for lobbying.” He also noted that all of this is pending on the IOC accepting the FEI proposal.

A total of 30 different meetings took place throughout the week, the highest number ever. During the General Assembly the 2nd edition of the Rules for Reining Events, January 1, 2005, was approved. The General Assembly also agreed to the principles of the Strategic Plan 2006-2010 presented during the Forum and the Group Meetings. Among the 350 attendees, and representing the sport of Reining, were FEI Reining Committee Chairman and RHSF President Frank Costantini, NRHA Executive Director Dan Wall, and Don Treadway, AQHA Director of Marketing and Membership Services.

The General Assembly agreed to the principles of the Strategic Plan 2006-2010 presented during the Forum and the Group Meetings.

The NRHA, Reining Horse Sports Foundation, and the American Quarter Horse Association have partnered to guarantee the continuing advancement of the sport of Reining internationally. Together with the FEI, they will remain attentive to the goal of Reining becoming part of the Olympic Games.

Quelle NRHA

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