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Norway Open with the first FEI and NRHA ever in Norway, Way to go Norway By Monica Widh
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During what we in Sweden call Midsummer there where a NRHA FEI and AQHA show in Norway.Norwegian Quarter Horse Assn. held their first FEI event and also their first NRHA USA show. About 100 riders had met up in the beautiful Norwegian forrest at a place called Hamar which is about 1 an half hour drive from Oslo, the capital city of Norway. About 25 Swedish participants had packed their vans and trailers to go to Norway among them Simon Andersson who is from the south of Sweden and had about 10 hours of sitting in a car to get there. Family Lemay had almost as long and the brought 4 horses to the show.


But the trip paid off to those that had traveled the longest. Winning the Open Morrison Trophy was Jacki Little Favor and Rick Lemay ( score 71_) placing just before himself but this time on Dun IT With Charm (Score 70_), both horses is owned by the Lemays. The winning run was a really smoth nice run with good spins, and really nice lead changes, this horse has a way of going that make Reining looks easy. Charm had a really nice run but did get a little light in the front during the stops so that held the scores back a bit.
Joakim Pettersson is a guy we have seen for along time but had not been at the top of placing before, but maybe his lucky charm has turned because in Norway he had a really good show. Third on Miss Keyhole Cowboy owned by Monica Andersson and fourth on Poco Sugarnic owned by Malin Torstensson.

The Limited Open had the same placing as the Open because they went class in class

The Non Pro was won by the encredible Simon Andersson/Miss Keyhole Cowboy(score 69_) the horse is owned by Simons mother, Monica Andersson. He had a nice smoth run with good stops and really nice leadchanges. Tied second in the class where Maj-Britt Lemay/Dun It With Charm (score 68_ (owned by Maj-Britt and Rick Lemay) and Jonas Nicklasson/Plain Justin (Owned by himself). It was the same placings in Limited Non Pro.

The FEI Class had 8 riders in total and the first ever in Norway and did qualify on participant to FEI World Reining Masters in Italy in September. The lucky rider was Lars Östby Deglum who placed highest of the Norwegian riders. Lars is the Chairman of the Norwegian Quarter Horse assn as well as the force behind many of the activities in Norway. His Horse Melodys Smokin Bill is a quarter horse stallion and is owned by himself.

Winner of the FEI CRI clas in Norway was.

1. Joakim Pettersson/Pocosugarnic/SWE
2. Peter Ljungberg/Mr Gentle Deduction/SWE
3. Joakim Pettersson/QTS Action King
4. Rick Lemay/Little Jacki Favor
4 Anna-Karin Boman/Hollywood Firestar
6 Lars Östby Deglum/Melodys Smokin Bill
7. Roger Sundet/Tyzon Turns King Zero Jonas Nicklasson/Plain Justin

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