Chat mit NRHA World- & Futurity Champion Shawn Flarida auf

 flipponita: hi shawn
Dakota: tataaaa
caycee: [zu ShawnFlarida] hi
Schwammal: [zu ShawnFlarida] Hi
Cooper: [zu ShawnFlarida] hy
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] hallo shawn!
Dakota: [zu ShawnFlarida] good morning..nice to have you
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] or some cake?
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] how are you?
Dakota: [zu admin] festbind
flipponita: alles wartet nun gespannt auf ein lebenszeichen von shawn
flipponita: ggg
Triniti: [zu ShawnFlarida] hi shawn....
ShawnFlarida: Hello everyone. Thanks for signing on. i am happy to be here in Germany.
Cooper: [zu Blue] genau ggg
flipponita: ja geil - es funzt! gg
NoSaint: [zu flipponita] na sicher doch!
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] hello and welcome!!!
Dakota: [zu ShawnFlarida] you'r very welcome..
Dakota: also leute..schön er reihe nach jetzt..
NoSaint: [zu ShawnFlarida] Hi, how do you like been in Kreuth this year?
Cooper: [zu ShawnFlarida] hy great to see you
Cooper: [zu Blue] [zu hanslpimpf] so das wars jetzt auch mit meinem ausländisch ggg
hanslpimpf: [zu Cooper] ggggggg na ich rede fast den ganzen Tag nur englisch....
Cooper: [zu caycee] also ich seh ihn du nicht?
flipponita: [zu NoSaint] also für nen frischling biste aber schnell... gg
ShawnFlarida: [zu NoSaint] We are enjoying ourselves very much. <it is beautiful here. the horses are working well and the people are very kind.
NoSaint: [zu flipponita] schnell, womit?
flipponita: [zu NoSaint] mit deiner frage - respekt
flipponita: [zu admin] so admin, nu mach mal nen spruch und helf uns aus unserer latenten englischschreibschwäche..
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] how long will you stay in good old Germany?
ShawnFlarida: [zu hanslpimpf] we will be here until <monday and we hope to be back in september and october.
<Dakota findet das funzt doch recht gut hier>
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] to join some events or just to train some horses?
admin: will you be back to AMERICANA in September Shawn?
<flipponita schliesst sich an>
Dakota: [zu hanslpimpf] hut ab
ShawnFlarida: [zu hanslpimpf] yes we hope to. we will be back for events and to visit new good friends.
Reingirl: Good morning!
ShawnFlarida: [zu admin] we will be back for the Americana and the german futurity
flipponita: [zu Reingirl] hiho
flipponita: [zu ShawnFlarida] great!
caycee: futurity is immer gut:-)
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] sorry, but I am not well informed, which category do you ride?
flipponita: [zu caycee] lachmichwech
ShawnFlarida: [zu hanslpimpf] i ride in the open events at the Americana and the futurity
flipponita: [zu caycee] ja du, also ich werde auch dort sein... wenn sogar shawn da ist... lachmichschlapp
Cooper: [zu flipponita] ich will mutig sein und meine kleine auf der futurity haltern :o)
caycee: [zu flipponita] wie lach mich weg?hab doch nur gefragt ob du auch wieder da bist wegen chattertreffen halt.
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] ok open was almost clear, but reining or cutting?
Reingirl: [zu ShawnFlarida] How often do you ride your training horses per week?
flipponita: [zu Cooper] wir sprechen hier von der breeders futurity nrha
flipponita: [zu Cooper] ;-)
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] jsut for example!
Dakota: ..immer langsam einer nach dem
ShawnFlarida: [zu hanslpimpf] i ride in reining events. where we live in <ohio, there isn#t very much cutting.
Cooper: [zu flipponita] is mir shcon klar wollte nur erwähnen das dein doppelgänger pony auch hin soll ggg
westernreiter-mainChat: >>> markuz
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] ok, than I will be glad to see you in the Americana in the evening event? thats great!
ShawnFlarida: [zu Reingirl] we ride our horses six days a week.
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] is kreuth a good place for reining events?
Cooper: [zu flipponita] echt???????
ShawnFlarida: [zu hanslpimpf] thank you. we look forward to it. you will have to come up and meet me then.
Dakota: [zu ShawnFlarida] everything correct or are ask too fast?
flipponita: [zu hanslpimpf] na is doch ein wort.. gg
Reingirl: [zu Reingirl] wow, thats much. Do you have days with only little exercising or do you train them each day with the same intensity?
caycee: ha. aber jetzt nicht rot werden gell...ggg
ShawnFlarida: [zu Blue] the facility is amaying. better than most that we have gone to all year. The ground is good and the hotel and people are beautiful
NoSaint: [zu ShawnFlarida] what do you think about competition in Kreuth? since some very good trainer are starting this year?
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] oh thank you .-)
ShawnFlarida: [zu Reingirl] we give each horse the amount of work that they requireeach day. The older horses not always so much but the younger ones differ from day to day.
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] how many horses will you start in the events?
flipponita: [zu hanslpimpf] good question! good girl..
Dakota: [zu ShawnFlarida] everything correct or are ask too fast?
flipponita: horcht was kommt von draussen rein - kann doch nur der admin sein..
ShawnFlarida: [zu NoSaint] the competition is very tough. Deffinately equal to what i face in the US. you have some very talented riders and exceptional horses.
flipponita: [zu admin] is it cos you`re cool?!
Cooper: [zu hanslpimpf] frag ihn doch mal wieviele und was für pferde er vorstellt gezogen usw. bütte
ShawnFlarida: [zu hanslpimpf] <here <i am showing As smart as Charley and a horse called Dun it up in smoke.
At the American, <i hope to show Charly and we are not sure if anything else. At the futuriy, we will show Charley's first kid.
Cooper: [zu hanslpimpf] ok hat sich erledigt ggg
ShawnFlarida: [zu Dakota] everything is fine. keep them coming
NoSaint: [zu ShawnFlarida] have you ridden charley's first kid yet? What do you think of charley's offspring?
Dakota: [zu ShawnFlarida]
ShawnFlarida: [zu NoSaint] yes i have ridden him the last couple of weeks and will keep riding him the rest of the week. <he is very talented and very smart. he is the only offspring i have ridden so far but i am hopeful to ride more of his babies.
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] oh as smart as charly? I knew a horse called as smart as alec, a very nice hores,
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] who train the horses if you back in the usa?
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] is it the same style?
ShawnFlarida: [zu Blue] we are working on getting someone here to train . There are a lot of good choices.
admin: Shawn is the chance to be at the Olympics a big topic in US?
Reingirl: Ekke ist etwas unruhig...
NoSaint: [zu ShawnFlarida] next to you two more US trainers (as far as I know) are in Kreuth this years! How hard will it be, competeing against them and the horses they ride! Like Big Time Rooster, etc.?
Dakota: so who would like coffee? roll?
ShawnFlarida: [zu admin] yes. very big. we are always looking for good aged horses. the opportunity allows us to not have to push the young horses who are not as mature. There is now a great showplace for them as older horses in international events.
Reingirl: [zu ShawnFlarida] Do you have an idea which of the european trainers ride the same style as you do?

westernreiter-mainChat: <<< 'markuz' verläßt diesen Raum und den Chat.
Reingirl: [zu ShawnFlarida] So you think a later started horse (for example with 3 1/2 years) is also able to compete in bigger events later? I would like that very much
Dakota (privat): hast du was abgemacht wie lange der shawn bleibt?
ShawnFlarida: [zu NoSaint] he is a really nice horse and Andrea is super talented. <probably the one to beat at this event. Also, <khi bergman and don boyd are here and they are always formidable competition. the European riders are also very talented.

Dakota: [zu matzero] du schnarchnase..
westernreiter-mainChat: <<< 'markuz' verläßt diesen Raum und den Chat.
matzero: [zu Dakota] ups!!!
Reingirl: [zu ShawnFlarida] So you think a later started horse (for example with 3 1/2 years) is also able to compete in bigger events later? I would like that very much
Dakota (privat): hast du was abgemacht wie lange der shawn bleibt?
ShawnFlarida: [zu NoSaint] he is a really nice horse and Andrea is super talented. <probably the one to beat at this event. Also, <khi bergman and don boyd are here and they are always formidable competition. the European riders are also very talented.
ShawnFlarida: [zu Reingirl] everyone has their own stýle. hopefully we all learn good things from each other
ShawnFlarida: [zu Reingirl] definately. but it all depends on the horse and his willingness to learn and become better.
flipponita: scheiss arbeit
NoSaint: [zu ShawnFlarida] what do you think of Brent Loseke who is riding a realy nice mare which has been shown pretty succesfull in non pro events?
matzero: [zu ShawnFlarida] what a great attitude
ShawnFlarida: [zu NoSaint] he is very talented. probably one of the best trainers to start two year olds. <he is very professional and easy to work with,
ShawnFlarida: [zu matzero] thank you. we have had horses starte late that have become very good
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] which breeding you prefer to show? only a special line?
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] at what age exactly do you start your horses and how will you train them?
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] just because I do have a two year old stallion
NoSaint: [zu ShawnFlarida] how hard is the competition in the US for the open places at the Masters at the end of the year? Are the top US trainers really interested in Reining becoming olympic?
ShawnFlarida: [zu Blue] i dont have a special line i prefer, they just have to be trainable and willing to let me teach him.
matzero: [zu ShawnFlarida] I think it is early enough if you start training at the age of 3 years!
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] great mine thank you
ShawnFlarida: [zu hanslpimpf] we start our young horses early in their two year old year. then we send them home to grow up for a few months and bring them back in the fall.
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] how intensive is your training with the two year olds?
ShawnFlarida: [zu NoSaint] unbelievably tough and yes they are very interested.
<if they are not, they will miss the boat.
ShawnFlarida: [zu hanslpimpf] not very. we just try to get the basics and learn how the animal will respond to us. Aöso we have two year old training tapes available if you need extra help or have more indepth questions.
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] how many shows you ride every year? every weekend?
NoSaint: [zu ShawnFlarida] concerning the topic of two year olds, when looking at a prospect, what is next to the mind most important for? i.e. bloodlines, conformation, etc.?
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] great thank you, where will I get thsi information?
matzero: [zu ShawnFlarida] do you train them generally at the age of 2, or do you also wait if you see, that they are not ready for training yet...?
NoSaint: [zu ShawnFlarida] Sorry i ment most important for you...
ShawnFlarida: [zu Blue] not every weekend. we have three small childre so i like to spend time at home with them when i can.
<i show about thirty times a year all over the us and now Europe
Kimmie: [zu hanslpimpf] also ich weiß auch immer ned, wennich mir vorstelle meine 2-jährigen zu reiten ...mmm die gehen dohc kaputt gg obwohl der zippo schon 1,50 ist
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] yes family is important!
matzero: [zu Kimmie] ich hab deswegen mal gefragt, ob pauschal alle 2-jährigen antrainiert werden, oder ob es da auch ausnahmen gibt, da gibts ja auch riesen unterschiede!
ShawnFlarida: [zu NoSaint] when looking at a two year old i really stress the mother. <i tlook to see what she has done herself and what she has produced. next i look at the conformation.
ShawnFlarida: [zu hanslpimpf] the information for the tapes is online at www.goodasgold reining. com also you can get info from <<<<<<Jurgen Kalischinski
Kimmie: [zu matzero] ja klar is ja bei uns auch so...die reiningstute is klitzeklein meine pleasureperle is riesig gg
hanslpimpf: [zu Kimmie] mein kleiner ist auch noch nicht ausgewachsen, aber Tips kann man immer gebruchen!
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] we have here in germany big discussion, if its ok to start horses with 2 years..
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] thats why many ask about this
ShawnFlarida: [zu Blue] we always start our horses at two if they are physically strong enough. <if not, we have no choice but to wait.
Reingirl: [zu ShawnFlarida] What do you think about problems with the joints and bones when rifing two year olds. Is your experience that they can be ridden for many years or do you think they become old and ill earlier.
flipponita: [zu hanslpimpf] wobei man natürlich das pferdematerial, dass ein trainer wie shawn in die hände bekommt nicht unbedingt mit uns ottonormalverbruacher vergleichen kann.. ggg
<flipponita tauscht mal schnell u und a>
hanslpimpf: [zu flipponita] stimmt schon, aber PFerdi ist immer noch Pferd
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] did you ride the horse from mr. kalischinsky?
ShawnFlarida: [zu Reingirl] i think if they are taken care of and managed right they will last. we treat our horses just like human athletes. we have all of our working horses checked every couple of weeks to prevent injuries before they occur.
Reingirl: [zu ShawnFlarida] your videos look great, I just visited your homepage. I think you have a customer more... :-)
caycee: [zu Blue] jau der reitet doch den as smart as charly und der is doch vom jürgen
ShawnFlarida: [zu Blue] we rode Charley in France and he was very good for us there. we hope to have equal and better success here in Germany this weekend.
Kimmie: [zu hanslpimpf] freunde von mir haben nen paar ammis ....einen mit 1,5 geholt ne stute mit zwei aufgewachsen im warmen die sieht aus wie fertig...
Kimmie: [zu hanslpimpf] wenn man die vergleicht......
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] good luck!
hanslpimpf: [zu Kimmie] hmm, dann scheint die Sonne das Wachstum zu beschleunigen
Dakota: [zu ShawnFlarida] please, can you give us your homepage adress?
ShawnFlarida: [zu Reingirl] thank you. i hope you enjoy them and they help you.
Reingirl: [zu ShawnFlarida] Do you do anything special to prevent podotrochlosis in quarters?
Kimmie: [zu hanslpimpf] ne eher der winter den sie nicht haben...
Dakota: [zu Reingirl] wer vertreibt die viedeos sag mal?
ShawnFlarida: we need to sign off now and get to work and the horseshow. thank you all for your questions and kindness. we hope to see and meet you all at a show soon.
hanslpimpf: [zu Kimmie] oder so
Dakota: [zu ShawnFlarida] thanks for beeing here!
flipponita: [zu ShawnFlarida] good luck for your show and thank you for beeing here...
hanslpimpf: [zu ShawnFlarida] It was a pleasure to meet you here and goodl luck for all of your shows
caycee: [zu ShawnFlarida] tahnk you an good luck
Dakota: [zu ShawnFlarida] and good luck! bye..
ShawnFlarida: [zu Dakota] we dont have a personal web page. just for the tapes and it is www.goodasgoldreining. thanks.
Blue: [zu ShawnFlarida] yes have a great show
ShawnFlarida: thanks again and good luck to you all.
flipponita: hammer
Dakota: @ShawnFlarida nice..thank you..