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It’s Official - Shawn Flarida Makes A Million!
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by wittelsbuerger.com

Shawn Flarida’s quest to become NRHA’s third Million Dollar Rider became reality at the 2003 All American Quarter Horse Congress, held annually every October in Columbus, Ohio.  At the completion of the NRHA approved Congress events, Flarida was officially named an NRHA Million Dollar Rider. 

In 2002, Shawn broke all NRHA records when his money-earned tally for the year reached $270,364.12.  He was an Individual and Team USA Gold Medallist in Reining’s debut at the World Equestrian Games in Jerez, Spain.  He came home to earn $18,985.72 in the Congress Futurity on two of his entries, then won the event, earning an additional $25,700.00 on his third entry: Wimpys Little Step owned by Mark Schols.  Shawn and Wimpys Little Step went on to win the prestigious NRHA Futurity Open Division title earning the guaranteed take home paycheck of $150,000. 

Flarida, who enjoys success in the Open ancillary divisions as well as the aged events, started the 2003-show season with a phenomenal $967,860.24 in NRHA Lifetime Earnings – just $32,129.80 short of the Million Dollar mark.


Shawn, an extremely talented yet modest professional trainer from Springfield, Ohio, is quick to point out, “It’s not the money that makes this milestone special.  It’s really special because of the two guys who have already reached that plateau.”  Bill Horn earned the distinction of becoming NRHA’s first Million Dollar Rider in 1995; Tim McQuay earned the honor in 1997.  Flarida also makes the point that with the generous purses offered by NRHA – the 2003 Futurity Open Division Champion is guaranteed $175,000 – there are sure to be more Million Dollar riders in the near future. 


Flarida, at age 34 has a long, prosperous career ahead of him.  NRHA is proud of his accomplishments thus far, looks forward to his future achievements, and is proud to designate Shawn Flarida as an NRHA Million Dollar Rider.




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