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USA: Highlight Cat wird für 340.000 USD NICHT versteigert
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72 Pferde standen zum Verkauf bei dem Buffalo Ranch Dispersal Sale am gestrigen Donnerstag in Ft. Worth, Texas, der neunjährige chestnut Hengst Highlight Cat (High Brow Cat x Cammi Light, by Grays Starlight) war dabei der Highseller. 340.000 USD zahlte ein Bieter für ihn auf dem sehr gut besuchten Sale.

200.000 USD erzielte SDP Ace Of Diamonds, ein dreijähriger Hengst (High Brow Cat x Ruby Doo Too, by Dual Pep), mit 100.000 USD ebenfalls sechstellig wechselte SDP Debbys Dream (Dual Rey x Peppys Misty Oaks, by Candy Bar Peppy), eine achtjährige Zuchtstute, den Besitzer.

Update 09.12.10: Allerdings - die Käuferin Sandi Daisley (manchen bekannt als Gael Daisley oder Gael Burke) aus Australien mit Bankkonto in Papua Neu Guinea, die den Highseller Highlight Cat sowie 12 weitere Pferde im Gesamtwert von 711.500 USD ersteigerte, hat bis heute nicht bezahlt.

Lesen Sie dazu den Brief von Shane D. Plummer


Letter to the performance horse industry from Buffalo Ranch,

Every consigner’s nightmare is what we have been going through. Our October 14, 2010 sale, held at our facility in Fort Worth, Texas, was a huge success and was giving us great momentum going forward with our new plan. But one bad apple has caused all sorts of problems for us. The single largest buyer at the sale purchased 13 horses for a total of $711,500.

This buyer, Sandi Daisley, (also now known as Gael Daisley or Gael Burke in some circles) was given credit by myself as she had arranged for the Department of Commerce and Industry in Papua New Guinea to bank transfer her funds into my account prior to the Sale beginning for me to allow her to bid. I received two facsimiles from that government agency telling me the details of the transfer and that the funds were on their way. Because of the time difference between the USA, Australia and Papua New Guinea there was a one-day gap for the funds to hit our bank account to the day of the Sale. I had met Ms. Daisley in Australia previously, spoken to her many times over the phone prior to the Sale and then with those faxes from the Papua New Guinea government I decided to give her credit.

The sale came and went. Days, weeks now months later still no funds have ever come in. The bizarre stories to all of this are almost too strange to be true, but unfortunately for me they are all true. I have hired an attorney in Australia to represent us to pursue her legally. Ms. Daisley continues to tell me she is going to pay me and no one will be happier than I, but I can no longer take her word at any value. If this proves to be fraudulent on her part then I hope the law demands justice. It is truly a bizarre and terrible situation. I hope that no one else has to go through something like this.

I want to make it clear that my friends with Western Bloodstock and Vince Bonello (who she chose to use as her agent) are blameless in all of this, it was my decision to give her credit. Something I wish I could go back and change. All of the horses are still in my possession and I will try to get them sold as quickly as possible. Here is a list of the horses with results from the sale:

Lot 6 - TR Misty Blue (Laredo Blue x Peppys Misty Oaks - 2008 Filly - 1/2 Sister to TR Dual Rey) - $30,000

Lot 12 - Sues Lil Dusty (Meradas Blue Sue x Smart Like Dusty - infoal to TR Dual Rey for 2011) - $45,000

Lot 13 - Meradas Blue Sue (Duals Blue Boon x Meradas Little Sue - "The Best Bred Stallion in the World") - $24,000

Lot 14 - SDP Sweetest Thing (TR Dual Rey x Sweet Lil CD - infoal to Hydrive Cat for 2011) - $18,000

Lot 30 - SDP Driven Dee Cat (Hydrive Cat x Ruby Dee DNA - 2010 Filly) - $15,000

Lot 35 - SDP Justaswinging Sue (Meradas Blue Sue x Justaswinging Peanut - 2009 Colt) - $8,500

Lot 36 - SDP Watch My Moves (Highlightcat x Justaswinging Peanut - 2008 Filly) - $50,000

Lot 37 - Highlightcat (High Brow Cat x Cammi Light - 2004 NCHA Futurity NP Reserve CHAMPION) - $340,000

Lot 41 - SDP Got The Hicups (Lenas Telesis x Hicapoo - 2007 Filly) - Shown at the 2010 NCHA Futurity Open - $29,000

Lot 43 - SDP Hydriven Hicapoo (Hydrive Cat x Hicapoo - 2009 Filly) – $50,000

Lot 50 - SDP Joker (High Brow Cat x Shortys Starlight - 2007 Colt) - **2010 NCHA Futurity Open Ltd Finalist (8th Place), Non Pro Ltd Semi-Finalist - $58,000

Lot 51 - SDP Driven With Mom (Hydrive Cat x Playboys Mom - 2010 Filly) - $38,000

Lot 66 - SDP All For Molly (TR Dual Rey x TM Quiver - 2010 Filly) - $6,000

All of these horses are at the Ranch and I will continue train, seek buyers, compete on them or breed. The two stallions are my immediate concerns in that the breeding season is fast upon us. If they are not sold prior to the breeding season I will be standing them. They could still sell and I could still stand them, I am in no way down on them as sires.

There were under bidders on all of these horses and I am hoping that this press release lets them know that these horses are still available and they can contact us anytime. I pray that no one else has to endure something like this; it is a shameful and senseless crime.

Feel free to contact us anytime. We are here to serve.

Kind regards,

Shane D. Plummer

Alle Salepferde finden Sie hier.
Die Website der Buffalo Ranch

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