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Italy to host the second edition of the FEI European Reining Juniors & Young Riders Championships
May 15, 2010 - The first edition of the FEI approved European Juniors and Young Riders European Reining Championships was held last year in Kreuth, Germany, with 11 nations sending riders to represent their flags in the Individual and Team Competitions. The Juniors (14-18 years) and Young Riders (16-21 years) showcased the sport of reining on the European stage in a highly professional manner. Italy claimed the Gold medal in both the Team and Individual Juniors divisions as well as in the Individual Young Riders division. Team Germany slid to the highest step of the podium in the Young Riders division.

In the 2009 edition of the FEI European Reining Championships, the Senior Team and Individual competitions were also held. Unlike the Juniors & Young RIders divisions, the Senior riders make their way to the Championships to vye for the FEI medals every two years. “The first young reiners from Europe last year did a wonderful job and showed us all how professional they are and how much hard work they put into their passion and sport. Competing for the FEI medals in the sport of reining makes it all the more exciting and we are very proud and honored to be able to host the second edition in Italy”, said Roberto Cuoghi, Chairman of the FN Reining Department and president of the IRHA.


The 2010 FEI European Reining Juniors & Young Riders Championships will be held in Manerbio, Italy, during the IRHA/NRHA Maturity (9-17 July).

“The FEI Championships in Manerbio will once again confirm the great potential and growth of the sport of reining. The juniors and young riders are supported by great enthusiasm and I am sure they will once again gift us with unforgetable days for our sport”, commented Andrea Paulgross, President of the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation (FISE).

The Italian Juniors and Young Riders teams will once again be closely followed by the Federal Team Coach, Filippo Masi who last year led the Team to win six FEI medals. “Last years’ experience will help us work better towards this second edition and we already have a long-list of very enthusiastic competitors”, said Masi. “In order to make the work easier for our athletes, I will be travelling around Italy in order to meet them and collaborate on site with their trainers. We look forward to getting together with the great group of young reiners we have in Europe, a wonderful opportunity for them to once again get together and share their experiences.”

For further information, please feel free to contact Filippo Masi at: filippomasi67@alice.it or Giancarlo Doardo at: giancarlodoardo@teamforyou.net

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