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NRHA EUROPEAN FUTURITY: Offering in addition to the NRHA European Futurity, a NRHA-approved Full-Slate-Show will be held
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This means: Category 1 Classes, open for horses of all ages!

Kreuth, Germany - January 26, 2009 - The first ever 'OPEN TO THE WORLD' NRHA European Futurity and NRHA Show will take place in Rieden-Kreuth, Germany March 23-29. The NRHA European Futurity will award the highest prize money ever paid out outside of the United States, and will be the event of the year for riders and visitors in Europe! Whoever wants to experience a history-making show, needs to attend. The Futurity classes are open to four-year-old horses with the best horses and riders in the world expected to participate at this European Futurity in Germany. All levels of Futurity Open and Non Pro classes are offered with an exceptionally high purse.

Additionally, the show offers a Full-Slate of NRHA classes for horses of all ages with appealing prize monies.

The total prize money of the Show is $ 284,000 added. We invite all reiners from all over to participate in this unique Show. Interesting Reining classes for all levels, from Youth to Open, are offered. Therefore, this first ever NRHA European Futurity and NRHA Show is a MUST for every reiner whose heart beats for the amazing sport of Reining!

NRHA Category 1 Classes:
$15,000 Open Lawson Trophy
$5,000 Intermediate Open
$500 Limited Open
$7,000 Non-Pro Lawson Trophy
$3,500 Intermediate Non-Pro
$200 Limited Non-Pro
$1,000 Novice Horse Open Level 2
$1,000 Novice Horse Non-Pro Level
2 Jackpot Rookie Level 2
Jackpot Youth 13 & under
Jackpot Youth 14 & 18 under

Entry deadline for participating reiners is February 17th, 2009.

Entry forms and Show conditions to download in wittelsbuerger.com here:

Ausschreibung deutschConditions english
Nennung deutschEnrollment english

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