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New board for year 2008 - Swedish Quarter Horse Association

Chairman Mr Tommie Eriksson 
Vice Chairman(PF/Info/Sponsoring) Mrs Anneli Silverstolpe
Cashier and registrator: Mrs Ingrid Emriksson
Secretary: Mrs Gunilla Karlman
Members of the board: Ms Camilla Mårtensberg 
                                 Mr Fredrik Thunman
                                 Mr Jan Ehnmark  
                                Ms Eva Linder                                        
Youth Advisor             Mrs Veronica Lange


Buy a nice SQHA's Calender for 2008 and support the youth!

Buy SQHA's calender 2008 - price SEK 100:- /EUR 11 for each plus cost of freight.
The profit from the calender will go directly to the Youth Team representing SQHA in Youth World Cup 2008, in London, Ontario, Canada. 
SQHA and our youth members send their thanks to Horse & Light, Mr Dirk Büttner in Germany(www.horseandlight.de) and the printer Skaraborgs Offset www.skaraborgsoffset.se who made it possible!
Mail your order to pr@sqha.se
State how many calenders you would like to order, your name and address.
Calanders will be sent to you by post and payment will be on delivery.

Sponsor our Youth Team to Youth World Cup 2008
Sponsor packages available for companies:
Package number 1)  SEK 1 500:- /EUR 160
You get your logo on SQHA's homepage during year 2008 with a link to your company and one year subsciption of the magazine Stallmagasinet (worth SEK 295:-/EUR 31,5) and one SQHA-calender (worth 100:-/EUR 11). SQHA's home page has 6 - 9 000 visitors and they stay in general around 11 minutes. You may change your information during the year.
Package number 2) SEK 2 500:-/EUR 265
You get your logo on SQHA's home page during 2008 with a link to your company and three (3) one year subscriptions of the magazine Stallmagasinet (worth SEK 885:-/EUR 95) and three (3) calenders
(worth SEK 300:-/EUR 32)
Your company logo in a special advertisement - thanking your company for sponsoring the youth. Advertisment will be in the magazine Stallmagasinet edition no 4 - which will be in the shops from May 16th and to July 7th - 30 000 magazines are printed and this edition is the most read. Add will be half or full page depending on how many packages are sold.
You order by mail to:  pr@sqha.se
Invoice to your company will be sent.
All money will go directly to our Youth Team!
Thank you in advance!

Shows and events will be found on this link: http://www.sqha.com/kale/

Sell your horse? Put an add on SQHA's webbpage.....with photo....
Cost?  Be a member of SQHA and you can put adds on the website for free!
Your membership will also get you a full year subscription of the magazine Stallmagasinet, (you only pay for extra postage) and you will be able to participate on all SQHA's shows!
Pay SEK 350:-/EUR 38 (if you are living outside Sweden) to SQHA if you are a Senior and SEK 200:-/EUR 22, if you are youth (to 18 yrs old) to Postgiro/Nordea 88 02 96 - 2
State name, adress and telephone on payment
Need IBAN/BIC number? Please mail to ingrid.emriksson@sqha.se 

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