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FEI Reining World Championship 2008: ITALY TAKES TEAM HONORS
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Nearly 50 horse and rider combinations from 5 Continents competed in the first Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) World Reining Championship in Manerbio, Italy today. The competition was intense in the Palasturla facility as international reiners showed the best of their talents to a rocking house. According to unofficial results, Team Italy took top honors in the team competition with a total score of 888 points, with Team U.S.A. and Team Germany right behind with 882.5 points and 871.5 points respectively.

Team Italy earns $22,400* for their efforts, in addition to FEI Gold Medals. Team U.S.A. takes home FEI Silver Medals and $16,100*. Bronze Medalists, Team Germany, will receive the FEI Medals and $12,600*. Team Germany’s Sylvia Rzepka rode Zip Nic Partners’ Doctor Zip Nic to the highest score of the day with a 227.5.

Other countries represented include: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Great Britain, Poland, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia and The Netherlands. The $30,000 individual final is scheduled for Sunday, September 14. The top 20 riders from today’s team competition will go head-to-head in the clean-slate final.

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Sixteen countries were represented in the World Reining Championship and in order to determine who would step on the podium for the bronze medal, reining enthusiasts had to wait for the last German horse and rider combination, Daniel Klein and Dealin Gin owned by the Dealin Gin Syndicate, to show – three horses before the end of the competition.

Team Italy coach, Mario Sbrana, was quick to praise the Italian team members Davide Brighenti, Dario Carmignani, Martin Gamper and Gennaro Lendi for their win. “Getting on the first step of the podium was fantastic”, said Mario. “This is a great group of horses and riders and the work they have been doing from the beginning of the year towards this world championship has paid off. They gave all they had and they truly deserved the win”.

Brighenti was riding Dualin For Me owned by Mancone QH and scored a 224; Dario Carmignani was seen riding Arc Magic Entprise owned by Pietro DeAngelis and scored a 222; Marin Gamper riding Claudio Risso’s RS Oregon N Jac scored a 221.5 and Gennaro Lendi riding his Playing It Out scored a 220.5.

Team U.S.A was represented by Pete Kyle riding A Bueno Poco Dunit owned by Sandra Holt (222); Craig Schmersal riding Mr Dual Rey owned by Casey Holly (221); Jordan Larson riding Lena Gallo (220.5) and Tom McCutcheon riding Ruf Hearted Jac owned by Sarah Willeman (219). “We are very honored to have been able to represent our Country”, said Jeff Petska – U.S. Chef d’Equipe. “We had a strong group of horses and great riders for U.S.A. and are hats go off to the Italians, they did a great job”.

It was German Sylvia Rzepka aboard Doctor Zip Nic owned by the Zip Nic Partners who marked the highest score of the day, a 227.5, for her Team. Daniel Klein riding Dealin Gin owned by the Dealin Gin Syndicate scored a 219.5, Emanuel Ernst riding Legends Diamond Do owned by Paul Kratschmer scored a 215.5 and Oliver Stein riding Smart Little Lenic scored a 209.

Competitors had to score a 216 or higher to make the Individual Competition which will be held on Sunday 14th at 2pm where twenty horse and rider combinations will be vying for the FEI medals.

The very first FEI World Reining Championship is organized by the Italian Reining Horse Association and is supported by the Italian Equestrian Sports Federation (FISE).

ITALY 224+222+221.5 (drop 220,5) 667.5
UNITED STATES 222+221+220.5 (drop 219) 663.5
GERMANY 227,5+219,5+215.5 (drop 209) 662,5
GREAT BRITAIN 223+217+217 (drop 216) 657
BELGIUM 218.5+218+217 (drop 0) 653.5
CANADA 218+214.5+211.5 (drop 205) 644
NETHERLANDS 222+210.5+209.5 (drop 207) 642
FRANCE 215+213.5+213.5 (drop 208.5) 642
SWITZERLAND 219+212.5+209.5 (drop 208) 641
CZECH REPUBLIC 210.5+206.5+204 (drop 0) 621

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