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NRHA Breeders Derby at Kreuth: Oliver Stein wins Open Final scoring a 233.5
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More than 3000 visitors watched an exciting Open Breeders Derby final last night. The 2008 Open Champion is Oliver Stein, who rode SES Topsail Whiz to a brilliant 233.5. A great ride with fine circles and tremendous stops! Austrian Rudi Kronsteiner and Spat King Delmaso placed second scoring a 228.5. The two had already dominated the go round scoring a 224.5. Rudi was the only competitor who had 3 horses in the final. Emanuel Ernst and Hollys Magic Whiz placed third.

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Results Open 

1. Oliver Stein / SES Topsail Whiz 233,5
2. Rudi Kronsteiner (AUT) / Spat King Delmaso 228,5
3. Emanuel Ernst / Hollys Magic Whiz 226
4. Rudi Kronsteiner (AUT) / Chic N Roost  224
4. Nico Hörmann / Sparkles Pretty Gal 224               
6. Oliver Stein / SES Smart Poco Chex 223,5            
7. Christof  Valtl / Elite Peppy Solano 219,5
8. Rudi Kronsteiner  (AUT) / Whizin Quick 219                                     
9. Daniel Klein / Whizen Command 217,5
10.Ilan Rosenberg (ISR) / Santa Cruz Whiz 216,5
11.Michael Saupe / Great Elite Gay 215,5
12.Morey Fisk (CAN) / Shiny Nickel 212                                     
13.Maik Bartmann / Mega Surprise 208,5
14.Steffen Breug / Rooster Hickory 207
15.Torsten Gärtner / PS Olena Chic Tari 205,5

Kerstin Lill wins Non Pro Final, Tina Künstner-Mantl second
Kerstin Lill became the new Non Pro Derby Champion. With her stallion Lena Cielo Jewel she had been the best competitor of the go round already. In the final she showed a beautiful ride with especially impressive stops scoring a  217.5.  Lena Cielo Jewel is well known to the audience at Kreuth, as the stallion was 207 Open Reserve Champion – then with Kerstin’s daughter Nina in the saddle.

Austrian Tina Künstner-Mantl and Mister Hollywood Nic placed second with only half a point less: 217. Birgit Wenninger and Nu Redsklena Delmaso placed third scoring a 216. Altogether 20 competitors had made it to the final.

Results Non Pro  
1. Kerstin Lill / Lena Cielo Jewel 217,5
2. Tina Künstner-Mantl (AUT) / Mister Hollywood Nic 217
3. Birgit Wenninger / Nu Redsklena Delmaso 216
4. Christof Neuert / MR Explosive Diamond 214,5            
5. Ann-Cathrin Wellmann / Jacs War Leo 214
6. Natalie Hirschi (SUI) / Whizkey N Water 210,5
7. Hubertus Seeberger (AUT) / BK Dun It 209,5
8. Uwe Gerbig / RS Bon Ton Jac 209
8. Christian Wolf / Star G Sugar Girl 209
10.Tanja Waida / Hes Wild 208,5
11.Kimberly Wegner / Smart Zen 207,5
12.Bianca Goldstein / MR Bigpack  207
13.Dieter Koller / Pipo Chic 206,5
14.Lisa Robausch (AUT) / On Tops Josefine205,5
15.Olga Hofmann / Buenaslena 204
16.Brigitte Schick / Lightning Whizolena 199

17.Andrea Malinowski / Red Genuine Jac 196,5


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