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First CRI for Junior and Young Riders at Kreuth: Josefin Lintner wins Young Riders Class, Andre Zschau Junior Class
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Today, there was the first European CRI for junior and young riders. This international reining event  was part of the NRHA Breeders Derby at Kreuth, Germany. There were 15 competitors from Germany, Austria, Finland and Poland in the Young Riders Class (age 16-21 years), and four in the Junior class (age 14-18).

The winner of the Young Riders class was Josefin Lintner (GER) astride her American Quarter Horse mare  Miss Estrella Del Cielo scoring a 214.5. Felix Schnabel placed second astride Smart In The Dark scoring a 213, Kim Obenhaus and her Merlin The Magician placed third (212.5). Pete Perkiö (Finland) and Boggies Little Lena and Markus Süchting astride the Appaloosa Ima Tuff Strudel tied for fourth place scoring a 210.

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The Junior class was won by  Andre Zschau (GER) astride his palomino gelding A Shining BH who scored highscore of this CRI: 216.5. His sister Franziska and her  Peppys Lil Whizzard (201) placed second, Nina Bauer and her Cielos Blueboy third (136,5). 
Results CRI Young Riders
1. Josefin Lintner  Miss Estrella del Cielo GER 214,5
2. Felix Schnabel Smart In The Dark GER  213
3. Kim Obenhhanen Merlin The Magician GER 212,5
4. Pete Perkiö Boggies Little Lena FIN 210
4. Markus Süchting Im A Tuff Strudel GER 210
6. Birgit Schäfer Art Of Peppy AUT 209,5
7. Sabrina Zangerle Shez Fritzs Jewel GER 209
8. Julia Dähne Smart Charls Of Tivio GER 208,5
8. Dominik Reminder Flip N Rooster GER 208,5
10.Markus Süchtter Am I Gray GER 208
11.Kate Szumanski Blue Exechic BB POL 202
12.Marsha Stein Lady Smoke N Glo GER 200

Results CRI Junior Riders

1. Andre Zschau A Shining BH GER 216,5
2. Franziska Zschau Peppys Lil Whizzard GER 201
3. Nina Bauer Cielos Blueboy GER 136,5


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