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Reining: Sylvia Rzepka wins second CRI** in Germany
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Sylvia Rzepka did it again: after her CRI Champion run in Bremen a few weeks ago she won the CRI** in Kreuth on Easter Saturday with DOCTOR ZIP NIC scoring a brilliant 226.5. The two showed a wonderfully smooth and fast pattern 7 with beautiful stops, flat spins and great circles. “I’m so glad,” she said happily after the show. “DOCTOR ZIP NIC simply felt great all the week and even better tonight. He is such a good horse.”

DOCTOR ZIP NIC was bred in Italy by Lucio Ferrarini and came to Germany last year. Nico Hoermann won both the Equitana Reining Cup and the Italian Derby with this American Quarter Horse Stallion. The horse was sold later in the year, and Sylvia Rzepka got him. Sylvia was born in Starnberg near Munich and is one of the best German trainers. She and her husband Vern Sapergia operate a training facility close to Vienna, Austria.


German Champion Volker Schmitt and ARC SURPRISE OAK placed second scoring a 224.5. Daniel Schloemer and TOP OF THE TOP placed third (222). Altogether there were 17 horse-rider-combinations in this CRI**.


1. Sylvia Rzepka               Doctor Zip Nic                    GER    226,5
2. Volker Schmitt            ARC Surprise Oak             GER    224,5
3. Daniel Schlömer         Top of the Top                    GER    222
4. Daniel Klein                Dealin Gin                           GER     221
5. Nico Hörmann            Sparkles Pretty Gal            GER     219,5
5. Nico Hörmann            Topsail Whizard                 GER    219,5
7. Nico Hörmann            Smart Spookster                GER    219
8. Alexander Ripper       Okie Jo Lil                          GER    218,5
8. Nina Lill                      Lena Cielo Jewel                GER    218,5
8. Daniel Schlömer        Gee Ronnie Mo                   GER    218,5
11.Oliver Stein                SES Smart Poco Chex        GER    216,5
12. Nina Lill                    Flo Lena CT                         GER     215
13. Oliver Stein              A Stylish Gallo                    GER     214
13. Oliver Stein              Custom Wrangler               GER    214
15. Jan Boogaerts           Blue Quick Command        BEL    213,5
16. Birgit Bayer              Drive By                               GER     213
17. Jürgen Pieper           Who Is My Daddy               GER    212,5

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