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Netherlands: Betcha Boots Whiz sets topscore in Wijdewormer (NL), June 22 until June 24 2007
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The 5 year-old stallion Betcha Boots Whiz (Topsail Whiz, owned by VS Select Quarter Horses, NL) is the winner of the NRHA Open Bronze Trophy Reining last weekend during the 2nd Sitecom Reining Challenge at Wijdewormer. The young stallion, ridden by Peter Simons, had to perform twice before being crowned champion. The decision came after a run-off between Belgian Ann Fonck-Poels with the 9 year-old mare Little Royal BH (Little Gump, owned by Suzy Baeck, B) and Jurgen Pouls with the 8 year-old stallion Hollys Brennas Kid (v: Hollywood Reckless, owned by Cornelis Bouwmeester, D). All three riders scored a 73,5. Little Royal BH and Hollys Brennas Kid again marked a 73,5 in the run-off, a big challenge for Simons. He marked a minor penalty on his first set of spins, but with his fast circles, without touching the reins he built up his credit. The smoothly performed back up made the difference and Simons marked a 74.


For the Dutch spectators it was a weekend of run-offs. The Intermediate Open was decided by a run-off between the 9 year-old stallion HC Cheyennes Command (Tuck R Command, owner Carin Harman, NL), ridden by the 19 year-old Jimmy van der Hoeven and the 9 year-old gelding HC Mister Dun Jac (Mister BH Jac, owner Henk van Amstel, NL) ridden by Evelien Geerlof. Both riders marked a 72. In the run-off Van der Hoeven came a little bit short on his back-up and marked a 71,5. Geerlof's stop and back-up (good for +1) made the difference and set the winning score on 73. In the Intermediate Non Pro three riders marked a 70,5: Belgian Ives Leflot with Trouble By Frosty, German Youth rider Andre Zschau with A Shining BH, and German Joachim Rullkotter with Whizin Command. In the run-off the most attractive run came from Rullkotter and he won the class with a score 71.

The Non Pro Morisson Trophy was won by Belgian Cira Baeck with the 4 year-old palomino stallion Whizashiningwalla BB (Topsail Whiz). She was just a little bit too strong for Dutch Jolijn Bes with her 10 year-old gelding My Heirs Chex (Bueno Chexinic). Bes marked a 71,5. Already in the lead, Baeck started the 7 year-old stallion Don Quixote Escapes (Okie Paul Quixote, owned by Susy Baeck) and obviously she could have topped her performance with Whizashiningwalla BB, starting with a marvelous set of spins. In the rundown she decided to correct her horse instead of letting him go into the bit. Baeck: "I could have won with him, but we are going to the Swiss Slide next week and I only have 4 minutes there. So I prefer to correct him here." She was not the only one; more riders took advantage of this show to school their horses for the big event next weekend.

The next show in the Netherlands will take place from 10 to 12 august in Veldhoven with a $ 1500 added Open and a $ 1.250 Non Pro Morisson Trophy. Results Wijdewormer and entry form Veldhoven: www.drha.nl



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