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Buy your tickets now: World Reining Trophy 2006 USD 100,000 — purse – five judges!
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From June 8 to 11, 2006 top reiners meet at the beautiful HorseAcademy facility at Mooslargue (France) for the third World Reining Trophy. This mega reining event offers a purse of USD 100.000.-- - and optimal conditions for reining with a large indoor arena, fine box stalls and for the first time: five international judges of great reputation: ‘Judge of Judges’ Allen Mitchels (USA), Jan Boogaerts (BEL), Ralf Hesselschwerdt (GER), Rick Lemay (SWE) and Eugenio Latorre (ITA) Top reiners already announced their coming like Martin Larcombe, the 2004 World Reining Trophy Champion Open. Then there are Rosanne Sternberg (GBR) and Francois Gauthier (CAN) as well as Arcese Quarter Horses.


The Go rounds for the Lawson Bronze Trophy Open and Non Pro are scheduled for Thursday, June 8. On Friday there will be the Intermediate Non Pro and Open. The Non Pro Trophy final is scheduled for Saturday afternoon (after the Limited Open). The highlight will be on Sunday of course: The Open Bronze Trophy final following the Limited Non Pro.

The arena is open for competitors on Monday, June 5, already. There will be two paid warm-ups on Tuesday and Wednesday. Deadline for nomination is May 22, 2006.

It is good to buy your tickets well in advance as seats are rare during the finals. Tickets are available at Horseacademy, 19, rue du Golf, F-68580 Mooslargue, Fon 0033 389 07 64 64, Fax 0033 389 07 64 74, E-Mail horseacademy@wanadoo.fr

WRT 2006: Entry Form and General Information available more...


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