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World’s Best Reiners Countdown To FEI World Reining Masters Finals

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The most elite reiners in the world have traveled across oceans, continents and around the globe to compete in the FEI World Reining Masters Finals in Denver this Saturday, October 21.   Reiners from 18 different countries including Israel, Italy, Canada and the Dominican Republic have qualified to represent their country in the prestigious Reining competition.  They’re going for $100,000 in prize money as well as the honor of competing with the best reiners in the world.




All agree there’s no language barrier here.  They all speak the international language of reining as they greet their friends from other countries on Thursday in Denver.  Many riders settled in at their special secluded Masters area at the National Western complex.  They have a common lounge area decorated with flags of the competing nations hanging from the ceiling.  Tack rooms and stalls are filling up as riders from the different countries move in.  All of the competitors sit around and laugh and cut up with one another.  They say they’ve competed together many times and are now just friends.  Jeannette Kraehenbuehl of Switzerland is one of three women competing in the Masters Finals. She has been to the Masters three times now.  Kraehenbuehl says, “I was looking forward to it because it is nice to have all the nations together.” 


Many of the reiners say there’s something more at stake at the Masters Finals than the prize money.  They all agree the most important thing to them is to be chosen to represent their respective countries.  Doug Allen from Great Britain says, “It’s really exciting when you have some of the best riders in the world.  They’re the best from each of their individual countries all getting together in one competition. It’s really exciting.” Tom McCutcheon from the United States agrees, “Anytime you wear the American flag on your shirt it raises the importance of the competition. It’s an honor to show under our flag. Only two reiners can represent the United States and it’s an honor to be one of them.”  World Champion reiner Shawn Flarida is the other rider representing the United States.  Nicolas Hormann will be riding for Germany.  He says Reining is growing in his country.  He’s one of two reiners reiners chosen from Germany to compete in the Masters.  Hormann says, “It’s a pleasure to be here and for me it’s an honor to be here for my country to ride for my country.”  


And for at least one Masters finalist, Luis Orizondo representing the Dominican Republic, this trip to Denver has exposed him to something he’s never seen before.  “I’ve been to the United States many times before, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen snow.” Denver saw its first snowfall of the season on Tuesday night leaving trees and the mountains in the distance covered with a blanket of snow.





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