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Chickle Me Please wins $ 7.500 added Open Lawson in the Netherlands
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The TR's Grand National Open Lawson trophy attracted international topriders. It was the four year old gelding Chickle Me Please (Chic Please x Alaythia, owner Anja Deutzman, Germany), ridden by German Emanuel Ernst, that won the $ 7.500 added Open Lawson Trophy Reining.

Fourteen entries gave away a spectacular show on a high level competition at the premises of organizer Ton de Rooy (that's what TR stands for). The opening score of 144,5 was also set by Emanuel Ernst with the seven year old stallion Legends Diamond Doc (The Major Legend x Be A Diamond Doc, owner Paul Kratschmer, Germany). But Immediately after that Belgian Bernard Fonck marked a new topscore of 147 with the seven year old stallion One Fine Remedy (Footworks Finest x Docs Bar Remedy, owner Francois Verschueren, Belgium). The spins were his trademark.


With the start of Austrian Rudi Kronsteiner with the five year old mare Roosters Melodymaker (Mr Melody Jac x Roosters First, owner Braam Quarter Horses, Netherlands) Fonck lost his leading position. Kronsteiner did not make the slightest mistake, well performed spins, good circles and a fabulous finishing sliding stop set the new topscore at 148. Rudi got a standing ovation from the enthusiastic crowd. But it was not over yet. With two more starts to go Emanuel Ernst came in with Chickle Me Please. And guess what. He rode the four year old as if it was a matter of life and death. A super spinner, risking penalties for overspins; nice on the circles and a super stopper with clean rollbacks. The four year old came to Germany as a late two year old and has been trained by Ernst since then. A very good job, because the new topscore and also the winning score was set at 149.

The TR's Grand National had some more highlights. The NSBA Open Western Pleasure Morrison Trophy with $ 1.000 added was won by Alexandra Jagfeld with the four year old Stallion Aint It The Blues (Zips Chocolate Chip x Aint She Hot, owner Jens Erk Udsen, Denmark).

The Non Pro Lawson Trophy with $ 2,500 added was out of sixteen entries won by Belgian Cira Baeck with Don Quixote Escapes with a score of 144.  

    Mehr Bilder finden Sie hier.

TR Grand National, NL: Videoclip vom NSBA Western Pleasure Champion mehr...

TR Grand National, NL: Videoclip vom Non Pro Reining Champion mehr...


by wittelsbuerger.com

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