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National Reining Horse Association Releases Medication Position Statement
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At the NRHA Board of Directors meeting held on April 2, 2006 at the International Headquarter of NRHA in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the following was adopted:

I.      Statement of NRHA Medication Philosophy

NRHA does not endorse the use of medications that by their nature or application are harmful to the health of the horse, or that may endanger the horse or exhibitor.  The NRHA endorses the use of medications that enhance the health and well-being of horses.

II.     Statement of NRHA Medications Committee Intent

It is the intention of the NRHA Medications Committee to formulate a policy pertaining to the use of medications as applied to reining horses at NRHA sanctioned/recognized shows.  Initially, this policy will be general and philosophical in nature, evolving over time into more specific regulations.  The committee, acting as a representative of NRHA, will concentrate on what is best for the reining horse industry while remaining mindful of the potential role that any National Federation (NF) and/or the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) may play in our future.



    III. Basic Policy Framework/Subsets

      1. All horses exhibited at NRHA sanctioned/recognized events will fall into one of three subsets.  These subsets will be comprised of:
          1. Horses exhibited where applicable governmental regulations apply.
          2. Horses exhibited in dual or multi sanctioned/recognized events or classes.
          3. Horses exhibited in NRHA events or classes.

      B.  All horses included in subset #1 or #2 will follow the medications rules of those designated governing bodies.
      C.  All horses included in subset #3 will follow the medication rules of NRHA.

    IV. Policy Progression

      1. The committee will present a finished statement of the Medications Philosophy, a Statement of Committee Intent and a Basic Policy Framework to the NRHA Board of Directors at the April 2006 meeting.
      2. The committee will promote discussion within NRHA about medication usage and policy. The committee will seek input from advisory Equine Veterinarians, NRHA Professionals and general members in the process of formulating a policy.
      3. A specific set of medication recommendations will be presented by the committee to the Board of Directors for approval in 2007 for implementation in 2008.

With the issuance of this Position Statement, NRHA commits to moving forward with a Drug/Medication Policy scheduled to be presented in 2007 for implementation in 2008. 



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