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Reining contests take place inside the Plaza de Toros!
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Frank Costantini, a famous personality in the field of Reining, travelled to Palma de Majorca on Friday, July 07th, a visit that opened up new possibilities for the Mallorca Western Festival. Frank Costantini was taken aback by the very special atmosphere of the Plaza de Toros. "This is the most beautiful arena I have ever seen" he said. "It would be such a pity not to have the reining competition held within the arena itself, with its impressive seating capacity for over 8.000 persons" he continued.

After having talked to several riders, he decided that the reining competition would take place inside the Plaza de toros! Hence, a 50m x 30m reining arena will be set up indoor.


Frank Costantini, who wishes reining to become an Olympic discipline in 2012, sees the Mallorca Western Festival as a milestone to reach this goal. Regarding the competition itself, Martin Wink (show manager) and Frank Costantini have selected the following patterns:

Friday Go Round:                                                                             NRHA Pattern 6

Saturday Final:                                                                                    NRHA Pattern 9

Sunday contest "North America against the rest of the world":         NRHA Pattern 10


Reining Patterns 9 and 10:  the main entrance to the Plaza de Toros will be sanded in order to help the riders reach necessary speed up to the first stop.


After Frank Costantini has announced this news, the following riders have confirmed their participation: 


Dell Hendricks          (1 Million Dollar Rider)

Tom McCutcheon     (Multiple NRHA Open Futurity Finalist)

Shawn Flarida           (1 Million Dollar Rider)

Bryant Pace               (NRHA & AQHA World Champion)


Officials (for Reining):

Frank Costantini                                  NRHA

Martin Wink                                         Show Manager

Eva Gebhard                                       Show Secretary

Ralf Hesselschwerdt                          Show Steward

Karolin Zimmerer                                Paddock Manager

Wilfried Böhm                                     Arena Footing

Maik Bartmann (Germany)                 Judge

Simone de Gues (Belgium)                Judge

Jan Boogaerts (Belgium)                    Judge

To be confirmed                                  American judges (2)

Wagatha Rainer                                  Bit Judge  

horsEmotion                                       Photographer

To be confirmed                                  Video service

Dr. Michael Schöberl                          Veterinary surgeon  

Jan Kahle                                            Blacksmith



Updated Programme:


Friday:                                                 12:00 am: beginning of the event


·         Mallorca Reining Trophy

·         Ute Holm – Cutting Demonstration

·         Jean François Pignon  - Freestyle Dressage

·         Texas Lightning – Performing live 


                                                            Approx. 11 pm: end of the event


Saturday:                                             3:00 pm: beginning of the event     


·         Ute Holm – Cutting Demonstration

·         Mallorca Reining Trophy final

·         Jean François Pignon  - Freestyle Dressage

·         Rednex – Performing live 


                                                            Approx. 10:00 pm: end of the event


Sunday:                                               10:00 am: beginning of the event      


·         Reining Contest  - " North America against the rest of the world “

·         Ute Holm – Cutting Demonstration

·         Jean François Pignon - Freestyle Dressage


                                                            Approx. 5:00 pm: end of the event



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