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3rd International Western Horse Show in Dortmund
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For the third time a big international western horse show was part of the renowned  Dortmunder Westfalenhallen Show. 145 competitors had come to compete in this special combination of western horse show, famous conventional show and exhibition.

The show started on Friday night with the AQHA Senior Reining and the NRHA Lawson  Bronze Trophies. 40 competitors had nominated for the Senior Reining, the winner being Nico Hoermann (GER) astride Lil Ruf Cody (owner Monika and Rolf Reinschmidt) scoring a 146.5. Sylvia Rzepka and Golden Mac Jac (owner Peter Prokes, AUT) placed second. Judge Joe Carter saw Daniel Klein and Flip N Rooster (owner Markus Geißler) on the third place, whereas judge Andrea Simons placed Michael Saupe with Shiners Vintage (owner Gerd Wilhelm) third.



The NRHA Lawson Bronze Trophy Champions: Bernard  Fonck and Agnes Ramme

The Open Bronze Trophy went to Belgium with Bernhard Fonck and Roosters Spurs (owner Dr. Sabine Wagner, GER) scoring a great 145.5. Vern Sapergia astride Slide on Silver and Ernst Emanuel astride Shotgunner (owner Anja Deutzmann) tied for second place scoring 143. Nico Hoermann and Starlets Snapper (owner Jürgen Döring) placed fourth.


In the Non Bro Bronze Trophy, there was a tie on the first place. Both Agnes Ramme astride Whiz A Gold and Dagmar Banas astride Copper Quixote Doc scored a 143.5. So they decided on tossing a coin. Luck was in favour of Agnes Ramme – so she won the Trophy and Dagmar placed second, Cira Baeck (BEL) astride Don Quixote Escapes placed third scoring a 140. It was Agnes’ second Trophy in a row as she had already won the one in Bremen two weeks before.


The focus of this show lay on Saturday night with the dual-approved Trail, the NSBA Western Pleasure Trophy, the CRI and the Cutting Trophy. 2500 visitors crowded the arena that night.


The Trail All Ages Open was the second dual approved (AQHA, NSBA) one in Germany and attracted eleven competitors. The winner of this class was Sandra Schaub with Leaguers Lil Chip (owner Sonja Kelly) who gave a wonderful performance. QHV Blazing Gold (owner Giuliana Cassani, SUI) and George Maschalani placet second, Pulsion Precision and Carl-Peter Fidler third.


Strong Pleasure Classes

The Western Pleasure classes in Dortmund were really strongboth in numbers and in quality. There were nine competitors in the NSBA All Ages Open, the winner being Only Invitational (by Invitation Only, owner Monica Von der Osten-Sacken) under Hubertus Jagfeld. Sam Leaguer (owner Laura Warrlich) and Herbert Posthoff placed second, and Can Do Money (owner Birgit Zenegg) and Torsten Haier third.


In the Junior Western Pleasure the winner was Sam Leaguer (owner Laura Warrlich) under Sarah Posthoff (judge Joe Carter) resp. Imagimotion (owner Sabine Gresens) under Hubertus Jagfeld (judge Andrea Simons). Can Do Money and Torsten Haier placed third.


The Senior Western Pleasure was won by Im Classy Stuff and Sarah Posthoff with Camesawconquered and Nina Hillebrand placing second and Peppy Son Cody and  Anka Rompf placing third. Camesawconquered also became Allaround Champion of this show.


Grischa Ludwig wins CRI

40 competitors had been nominated for the CRI, 31 finally started in this class. The CRI Champion title went to Grischa Ludwig (GER) astride Coeur D Wright Stuff. The stallion owned by the de Bruin family (NED) showed marvellous stops and spins scoring a 148 – even after two slight disharmonies between horse and rider during the second fast circle and after the last stop. Bernard Fonck (BEL) and Roosters Spurs placed second scoring 146,5. Five riders tied for third place scoring a 144: Michael Saupe astride Shiners Vintage, Agnes Ramme astride Whiz A Gold, Oliver Stein astride Smart Little Lenic, Nico Hörmann astride Starlets Snapper and again Grischa Ludwig, this time astride Olenas Diablo Star.


Cutting Trophy goes to the Netherlands

There were 13 competitors in the Cutting Trophy in Dortmund, which was won by Ronald Derrez (NED) and Solanos Sugar Doll (owned by his father Paul Derrez) scoring a 72. Ute Holm and Shake Rattle N Rumba placed second scoring 71.5 and GM Freckles (owner Dietmar Meyn) and Sebastian Hünnekens placed third.


Strong Halter shows

There were quite a lot of competitors in the Dortmund halter shows – especially if you consider the time of year this show was in. There were e.g. five horses in the Yearling Stallions and seven in the Two-year-old Mares. The quality was mixed with some competitors obviously starting for the first time. Both Grand Champion titles went to horses owned by Sabine Gresens: Her Imagimotion became Grand Champion Stallions and her Undeniably Hint-daughter Hints Showgirl became Grand Champion Mares. She also stood Reserve Grand Champion Mares with her yearling mare XP Shes Got The Looks with one judge. Reserve Grand Champion Stallions was Aint It The Blues (owner Jens Eric Udsen, DEN), Reserve Grand Champion mares with the second judge: Radical M Tad Cher vorn (owner Sjonke Zylstra, NED).


Western Riding goes to Leaguers Lil Chip

There were eight competitors in the dual-approved (NSBA and AQHA) Western Riding Open. The class was won by Leaguers Lil Chip (owner Sonja Kelly) and Sandra Schaub. Camesawconquered and Nina Hillebrand placed second, Peppy Cody Son and Anka Rompf third.


The last class of the show was the Junior Reining, which was organized Class in Class with the Coming 6 (here only two competitors started: George Maschalani and Mario Bauer) The winner was George Maschalani astride FR Little Tom (owner Julia Kaiser). Judge Andrea Simons placed SR Hollywood Angel (owner Mirko Brüggemann) with Daniel Klein second and  Vons Native Angel (owner Roman Brechtl) under Mario Bauer third. Joe Carter saw Train To Spain under Volker Schmitt on the second place and SR Hollywood Angel under Daniel Klein on the third.



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