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NRHA Breeders Futurity 2006 Kreuth (Oberpfalz), October 6-14, 2006

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The 2006 NRHA Breeders Futurity will again take place at the beautiful Gut Matheshof facility in Kreuth – this time from October 6 to 14, 2006. The Breeders Futurity is one of the most important European reining shows – and one of the most important events in the life of a European reining horse. Becoming an NRHA Futurity finalist or even Champion resp. Res. Champion is a title desired very much. No wonder, the top European breeders and owners send their horses to the Breeders Futurity.



Last year, three of the four Futurity champion titles went to Italy: in SBH Open as well as in Bit Open and Non Pro: The SBH Open was won by Massimo Fontana (ITA) astride Nik Seco Chic,.Rudi Kronsteiner (AUT) and Moms Little Ruffian placing second.


Futurity Champion Bit Open was Martin Gamper (ITA) astride RS Rambolena with  Volker Schmitt and Elite Be Aech Cody becoming Reserve Champion. The Bit Non Pro was won by Mirjam Giraudini (ITA) astride Snapper Peppy. Eberhard Simon and  SES Sweet Wonder and Ewald Rifeser (ITA) astride Iron Olena tied for second place.


The Futurity Champion SBH Non Pro title went to Anita Lauster astride JC Chexinic . Here again, there was a tie on the second place between Björn Bürig astride Spotted On Top and Ewald Rifeser astride GL Wonder Spirit. 


Decision: NRHA Breeders Award 2006
The  Breeders Futurity will also decide who will become NRHA Breeders Award Champion 2006. This ‘breeder’s Oscar’ was created in 2003 based on the idea of two well known breeders: Jutta Weckmüller of  Buena Vista Ranch (Home of Dox Cash N Hand)  and Dr. Claudia and Andreas Mamerow of  Trainshill Ranch (Home of Nics Peppy Train). The Award goes to the most successful breeders of the Breeders Derby and the Breeders Futurity of one year. The more horses of one breeder win money in these two shows, the more likely he will become Champion. So far, the Award was won by Michael Blaschke (AUT), Lia Ferrarini and Lucio Ferrarini (ITA)




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