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101 Arena Exercises Cherry Hill
A ringside guide for horse & rider.
$29.95 Paperback

125 Most Asked Questions and Answers John Malone
One hundred twenty-five most asked questions about horses
and the answers.
$15.00 Hardcover

American Rodeo Kristine Fredriksson
History and economics of the American rodeo.
$12.95 Paperback

American Quarter Horse in Pictures, The M.C. Self
Pictures and descriptions.
$5.00 Paperback

Artistry in Silver and Steel J. Martin Basinger
The Adolph Bayers legend of spurs and bits.

Barrel Racing Sharon Camarillo
Explanation & techniques in the event.
A Western Horseman book.
$12.95 Paperback

Becoming an Effective Rider Cherry Hill
Developing your mind and body for balance and unity.
$14.95 Paperback

Beginners Guide to Horseback Riding Sheila Wall
$5.00 Paperback

Breaking and Training Your Horse Sheila Roughton
$19.95 Paperback

Bits Louis Taylor
Their history, use and misuses.
$10.00 Paperback

Bits and Bitting Manual William G. Langdon
Studies on all major bits.
$29.95 Spiralbook

Bits,Patterns & Reining William G. Langdon
A complete study on how to select and use bits
to train the reining horse.
$29.95 Spiralbook

Blessed are the Foals M. Phyllis Lose,M.D.
Delivery of the foal and the eleven months of gestation.
$26.00 Hardcover

Blessed are the Broodmares M. Phyllis Lose,M.D.
Information on the care of the breeding mare from mating,
through gestation.
$27.50 Hardcover

Bob Kleberg and the King Ranch John Cypher
A look at Kleberg and his career as ranch leader.
$27.95 Hardcover

Book of Horses UCDAVIS Mordecai Siegal
A complete medical reference guide for horse and foals.
$30.00 Hardcover

Breeding Management and Foal Development Equine Research
Covers all areas, genetics, diet and foal development.
$85.00 Hardcover

Building Small Barns, Sheds and Shelters Monte Burch
Building and planning barns, sheds and shelters.
$14.95 Paperback

Buying and Selling a Horse Cherry Hill
$2.95 Paperback

Buying Your First Horse Mary Guay - Donna Schlinkert
A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing For,
Finding And Purchasing A Great Horse.
$16.95 Paperback

Calf Roping Roy Cooper
Explanation & techniques in the event.
$12.95 Paperback

Careers for Horse Lovers Ronald Trahan
Relationships with horses, and employment opportunities.
$22.95 Hardcover

Catch Rope John R. Erickson
The history and evolution of ranch roping.
$26.50 Hardcover

Charles Goodnight J. Evetts Haley
Cowman and Plainsman.
$18.95 Paperback

Clipping, Trimming and Plaiting Your Horse Diana R. Tuke
$14.95 Hardback

Cow Attack Baxter Black
More cowboy humor from the master.
$12.95 Paperback

Cowboy Hero,The William W. Savage,Jr.
Examination of his image in history and culture.
$8.95 Paperback

Cowboy Country John R.Erickson
An account of the author's experience as a cowboy.
$15.95 Hardcover

Cowboys are Partly Human John R. Erickson
Cowboy humor.
$6.95 Paperback

Cowboys and Images William Matthews
A watercolor pictorial of the cowboy life and culture.
$40.00 Hardcover

Cowboys are Old Enough John R. Erickson
Cowboy humor.
$6.95 Paperback

Cowboys are a Separate Species John R. Erickson
Cowboy humor.
$6.95 Paperback

Cowgirl Legends K.L. Wills & V. Artho
Cowgirl pioneers from the Cowgirl Hall of Fame.
$14.95 Paperback

Cowgirls - Women of the American West Teresa Jordan
A portrait of western life and western women.
$14.00 Paperback

Croutons on a Cow-Pie Volume II Baxter Black
Cowboy Poetry.
$24.95 Hardcover

Cutting - Training the Horse and Rider Bill Freeman
Discussion of techniques used to succeed.
$29.95 Hardcover

Cutting Leon Harrel
A Step-by-Step Guide to Training Cutting Horses.
$14.95 Paperback

Doc Bar Gala Nettles
Story of the sire Doc Bar and his offspring.
$29.95 Hardback

Don't Fence Me In David Stoecklein
Photographic images of the Spirit of the West.
$60.00 Hardcover

Encyclopedia of the Horse Elwyn Hartley Edwards
All you ever wanted to know.
$39.95 Hardback

Encyclopedia of Rawhide and Leather Braiding Bruce Grant
How to do it right.
$24.95 Hardcover

Equine Color Genetics D. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD
Provides an explanation of the genetic mechanisms
that determine colors.
$39.95 Hardcover

Equitation: Learning and Teaching Jean Froissard
A study in the finer aspects of dressage.
$7.00 Paperback

First Aid for Horses Tim Hawcroft
The essential quick-reference guide.
$10.00 Paperback

First Twenty Quarter Horses Victoria Anne Short
Their Lives and Legacies.
$34.95 Paperback

Foal to Five Years Ann Hyland
Aid in producing a mature, co-operative horse.
$17.95 Paperback

Foundation Dams of the AQHA Robert Moorman Denhardt
List & brief history of important founding dams.
$14.95 Paperback

Foundation Sires of the AQHA Robert Moorman Denhardt
List & brief history of important founding sires.
$37.95 Hardcover

Getting in T Touch Linda Tellington - Jones
Understand and influence your
horses personality.
$19.95 Paperback

Grooming John & Cindy Weaver - Kathy Kadash
Clipping, Bathing, Mane Care, Tail Care, Show Preparation.
$5.00 Paperback

Hank Wiescamp Story, The Frank Holmes
The authorized biography of the legendary Colorado horseman.
A Western Horseman Book.
$16.95 Paperback

Happy Trails - Our Life Story Jane and Michael Stern
The autobiography of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.
$23.50 Hardcover

Health Problems Robert M. Miller, D.V.M.
Explanation of the pathology, diagnosis and therapy.
$12.95 Paperback

Hooftrimming for Horseowners David A. Duquette
A guide to daily hoof care, handling and trimming.
$9.95 Paperback

Horse Buyer's Notebook The Russell Merrdink Co.,Ltd.
Simplifies and organizes the information collected during your
search for the "right" horse.
$15.95 Paperback

Horse Fixin Frankie McWhorter
Forty years of working with problem horses.
$6.95 Paperback

Horse Genetics Ann T. Bowling
Overview of genetic principles using horses as the
primary examples.
$35.00 Paperback

Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage Cherry Hill
Ideas for keeping a horse on limited space.
$16.95 Hardcover

Horseman's Scrapbook Randy Steffen
Helpful hints and ideas for the American horseman.
$14.00 Paperback

How to Make Cowboy Horse Gear Bruce Grant
How-to information on leather craft and rawhide work.
$7.95 Paperback

Imprint Training of Foals Robert M. Miller,D.V.M.
A swift, effective method for shaping lifetime behavior.
$12.95 Paperback

International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds Bonnie L. Hendricks
The origin and history , a physical description,
and details about the use of 394 horse breeds.
$78.00 Hardcover

Judges Speak Out Barbara Ann Mallet
Responses to the most asked questions of exhibitors.
$32.95 Paperback

Judges Speak Out II Barbara Ann Mallet
More Responses to the most asked questions of exhibitors.
$32.95 Paperback

King Ranch & Little Peppy Gala Nettles
The legacy & the legend of Little Peppy.
$29.95 Hardcover

King Ranch Quarter Horses Robert Mooreman Denhardt
Complete story of the ranch and its horses.
$18.95 Paperback

Klimke on Dressage W. Ernst & R. Klinke
From the young horse through Grand Prix.
$39.95 Hardcover

Legends - Western Horseman Diane C. Simmons
History and breeding of 26 outstanding stallions and mares.
$12.95 Paperback

Legends II - Western Horseman Goodhue, Holmes,
Second volume of stallions and mares. Livingston & Simmons
$14.95 Paperback

Life on the King Ranch Frank Goodwyn
Personal story of life on one
of Texas's most famous ranches.
$14.95 Paperback

Lyons On Horses John Lyons
A book on training programs.
$25.00 Hardcover

Maximum Hoof Power C.Hill and R.Klimesh
Improve your horse's performance
through proper hoof management.
$30.00 Hardcover

Most Influential Quarter Horse Sires, The A.L. Pitzer
Information on those sires that influenced the breed.
$29.95 Paperback

Natural Horsemanship Pat Parelli
Six keys to a natural horse & rider relationship.
$16.00 Paperback

Natural Horse, The Jaime Jackson
Lessons from the wild for domestic horse care.
$19.95 Paperback

Poco Bueno N' Pine Dillon Shook
Story of Poco Bueno and Pine Johnson.
$10.95 Paperback

Pratical Western Training Dave Jones
How to's of Western Training.
$27.95 Hardcover

Principles Of Confirmation Analysis Deb Bennett PhD
Volume I, II, III
Three volumes give new insights into equine
structure and its effects on movement, soundness,
and performance.
Volume I Explains the basics of what to look for.
Volume II Focuses on the back, neck and forelimbs.
Volume III Discusses the hindquarters and the head.
$ 7.95 Each Paperback

Real American Quarter Horse, The Paul Mattson
A tribute to the American Quarter Horse Champions.
$26.00 Paperback

Reference to Thoroughbred Roots Andrea l. Mattson
of the Quarter Horse
$21.95 Paperback

Reining: Art of Performance in Horses Bob Loomis
How to select and train a reining horse.
$29.95 Hardcover

Reins of Life, The John Anthony Davies
A manual on riding for the disabled.
$29.95 Hardcover

Remember That Ol'Horse Ron Westmoreland
Breaking horses & life in the west.
$13.95 Hardcover

Roofs And Rails Gavin Ehringer
How to Plan and Build Your Ideal Horse Facility.
$14.95 Paperback

Roots Paul Mattson
Foundation Quarter Horse bloodlines.
$16.95 Paperback

Safe Horse Safe Rider Jessie Hass
A Young Rider's Guide to Responsible Horsekeeping.
$14.95 Paperback

Schooling of the Horse, The John Richard Young
An introduction to horses, and horsemanship.
$34.95 Hardcover

Schooling for Young Riders John Richard Young
A handbook for the horsemen of tomorrow.
$29.95 Hardcover

Stallion Finder, The Andrea L. Mattson
Stallion and breeders directory. (printed annually)
$24.95 Paperback

Standard of the West, The Justin Story Irvin Farman
The journey of the Justin brand.

Starting Colts Mike Kevil
Training young horses.
A Western Horseman book.
$14.95 Paperback

Starting the Western Horse J.P. Forget - Dick Pieper
A Guide to Preparing the Green Horse for Optimum Performance.
$22.95 Hardcover

Starting Your Own Horse Business Mary Ashby McDonald
Cost-Saving Ideas, Stable Management Techniques, Money-Making Tips
Boarding & Breeding Information, Recordkeeping Forms.
$19.95 Paperback

Team Roping Leo Camarillo
Explanation & techniques in the event.
A Western Horseman book.
$12.95 Paperback

Team Penning Phil Livingston
A Guide to Competing Sucessfully in This Popular Sport.
A Western Horseman book.
$12.95 Paperback

That Winning Feeling Jane Savoie
A new approach to riding using positive mind power.
$19.95 Hardcover

The Colonial Quarter Race Horse Alexander M. Smith
History of early colonial horse racing.
$50.00 Hardcover

The Complete Horseshoeing Guide Robert Wiseman
Information on the modern farrier's art of horseshoeing.
$16.95 Paperback

The Foal in the Womb A.W. Marrable
Explanation and drawings of foal development in the womb.
$7.95 Paperback

The New Horse Owner's Illustrated Manual Guy Perrault
More than 400 pictures with accompanying text on the choice,
care, tack, riding and training of a horse.
$19.95 Paperback

The Texas Cowboys David R. Stoecklein
Photograghic images of Texas cowboys in their environment.
$60.00 Hardback

There Are No Problem Horses Mary Twelveponies
For all riders who seek answers to their horse problems and
for all horses who hope their riders will find the correct answers.
$12.95 Paperback

They Rode Good Horses Don Hedgepeth
History of AQHA's first 50 years.
$24.95 Hardcover
$200.00 Leatherbound

Think Harmony With Horses Ray Hunt
An in-depth study of horses/man relationships.
$14.95 Hardcover

Training with Bits William G. Langdon, Jr.
Bitting techniques to make training understandable.
$29.95 Spiralbook

Ultimate Horse Book, The E.H. Edwards
An illustrated overview of horse and pony breeds.
$34.95 Hardcover

Ultimate Guide to Pampering Your Horse June V. Evers
$24.95 Hardcover

Understanding Fitness and Training David Hamer
Aspects of training and fitness, starting with selection.
$14.95 Hardcover

Understanding Your Horse's Health Janet L. Eley
A practical health-care advice from a working vet.
$24.95 Hardcover

Veterinary Care of the Horse Colin J Vogel
A guide to the diseases of the horse must provide help and advice
for many different types of horse owner in a variety of situations.
$39.95 Hardcover

Western Horsemanship Richard Shrake
Explanation & techniques in the show event.
$14.95 Paperback

Western Horse: Advice & Training Dave Jones
How to's of Western Training.
$11.95 Paperback

Western Pleasure: Training and Showing to Win Doug Carpenter
Training and techniques for
western pleasure horses.
$29.95 Hardback

Western Training Jack Brainard
Training western style.
A Western Horseman book.
$12.95 Paperback

Whole Cowboy Catalog Rod McQueary & Sue Wallis
A Entertaining Guide to Everything

Winning Anna Jane White-Mullin
A training and showing guide for hunter seat riders.
$24.95 Hardcover

Winning With The American Quarter Horse Don Burt
Practical tips on what it takes to win from an insider who has
judged the best horses in the world.
$30.00 Hardcover

Working Lines, The Larry Thornton
Pedigree information for
selection of performance horses.
$19.95 Paperback

Your Horse Judy Chapple
Info on buying, housing, feeding and training horses.
$14.95 Paperback

Your Pony, Your Horse Cherry Hill
A Kid's Guide to Care and Enjoyment.
$12.95 Paperback