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Little is really known about the background of Traveler. No records seem to be on him until he was about 8-10 years old in Central TX. roughly about 1890.

Records show he was a light sorrel to a roan about 15.1 and about 1100 pounds. He first owner contacted later said he had been shipped in from NY with a load of work horses. Seems fitting as Traveler had been used to pull heavy carts. This was not unusual since this was the days before heavy equipment of today.

His owner at the time started match racing him to other area horses. Traveler has no records of loss during this time can be found. Some of his famous get include:

  • Little Joe {who sired Zantanon, sire of King P-234, San Siemon, and Old Poco Bueno, Later generations would become , Poco Bueno, King Fritz, Poco Lena, Royal King, Kings Pistol, Joe Barret, Poco Tivio, Poco Champ, Poco Pine and Poco Stampede.
  • Possum. His famous get would include: Red Cloud, Brown Possum {AQHA foundation number P-15} Little King. Later generations would include Joe Bailey {foundation number P-4}
  • Buster Brown {made his mark as a polo pony}
Early AQHA records show that no other family had produced as many ROM speed runners as the ones descended from the Traveler/ Little Joe/ Possum lines. Traveler died in 1914.