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FEQHA Amateur Cup: Offizielle Stellungnahme des tschechischen Quarter Horse-Verband CZQHA
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Official standpoint of the board of directors of the Czech Quarter Horse Association to the change of location of Euro Amateur Nations Cup

Due to various types of information that appeared on the internet with regard to the necessary change of location of the first Euro Amateur Cup from Pilsen (Czech republic) to Kreuth (Germany) CZQHA would like to comment on the situation.

The fact, that the Czech laws and veteriaries require the Coggin blood test (once in very two years) for infectious anemy, was discussed at the last meeting of FEQHA and was forwarded by CZQHA to FEQHA in written. This test was already required as from 1.1.2007, it is only as to the 1. of January of each year that the veterinary authorities issue the updated list of the veterinary requirements for the transport of horses.


The Czech Quarter Horse Association and the host Jirak Quarter Horses have done all necessary to co-organise this prestigeous international event in the Czech republic. We regret any consequences that the cancellation had for the team members, the owner of the ranch and other involved parties.

We hope that the case will be clarified and communicated to the public and will prevent such happening in the future.

We appreciate very much the effort and flexibility of FEQHA and the facility in Kreuth in finding the alternative solution in a problematic situation. The main outcome, to perform the Cup and provide the riders with a good show, was fulfilled and we are happy for that. That was the foremost focus of all.

We would like to express our hope that we will have a chance to organise another event of such a format in the future and that there will be a chance to continue a good co-operation with FEQHA and all nations in Europe involved in QH world.

Jitka Kynclova
President, Czech Quarter Horse Association

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